[...und weg]

public exhibition of
5000 unsigned A4 drawings
figurative - mostly humans and animals
left in a University plaza in January 2016 in Cologne

>> During the autmn and winter of 2015, I embarked on a special project.
I had acquired 5000 sheets of cheap A4 copy paper and initally wanted to use them
for some kind of public performance. However, as they were sitting there in my room
I came to the conclusion that I wanted to draw on all of them and afterwards wanted
to publicly abandon all these drawings. So that's what I did. From September til December
I drew 5000 figurative drawings, mostly of animals and humans. When it was done,
a few friends of mine helped me carry them to the main university plaza here in Cologne
and we just let them lay there during the lunch break hour. Not a single drawing was
documented and after the first few started flying around, as intended, we took off for a beer.
When we came back 20 minutes later, all were gone. <<